About me

1983 Contemporary Dance
2009 Feldenkrais Practitioner
2018 Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer


Trying to remember when I discovered my passion for dance and movement, I see myself dancing to Reggae music at a students’ party, and I clearly remember that sensation of detachment from everything while being aware of every cell of my body at the same time. The search for the source of such life quality led me to become a professional teacher of Modern Dance, before studying Contemporary Dance and later other forms of movement and body awareness pedagogy. After having been involved with “Balancing Alignment” for many years I completed my studies of the Feldenkrais Method with Elizabeth Beringer in Biel (Switzerland) in 2009.  


I am lucky to have been able to become a professional dancer and teacher of movement and dance. My work is based on many years of experience as a dancer and dance teacher and since summer 2008 I have taught groups according to the Feldenkrais Method, Awareness Through Movement (ATM). In 2009, I opened my practice of Functional Integration (FI), the Feldenkrais one-to-one approach, which is especially important to me.  


No matter whether it is on stage, in a dance class or during a Feldenkrais lesson: the variety and complexity of human movement have maintained their fascination. Movement is part of our vitality and movement is vital for our personal development: I hope to share some of this experience with you.

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Méthode Feldenkrais

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